Colours of same brigthness and brilliancy

The colour finder greco helps to seek for colours all having the same brightness and brilliancy. Many people find such colours aesthetically pleasing. In scientific diagrams they help to avoid colour-dependent attention which might influence the interpretation. More precisely, you can use greco to create colours with a pre-specified grey-scale value. The colour space calculated for a given grey-scale value can further be reduced by deleting the inner greyish and the outer brilliant colours.

The web version of greco is very slow in all browsers. The speed is just acceptable in Google Chrome. Use the ruler to adjust the grey-scale value or any other VERY SLOWLY if you test greco on the web. You can accelerate greco if you specify the inner and outer bound first before you change to the desired grey scale value. Select the colour of your choice by clicking on it. It then appears on the right including the red/green/blue values and the corresponding hex-code. Click on “Clear” to refresh the display.

If you would like to work with greco more frequently it may be useful to download the program. A version for Mac OS is available here. It only needs to be copied to your computer. An installation is not necessary. Just Java must be available.